102.3 BXR Presents Shovels + Rope and Frank Turner

102.3 BXR is proud to present Shovels & Rope + Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls at Rose Park for Summerfest on April 30!

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Shovels & Rope

By Blood’s ten songs are vignettes that focus on vulnerable, human characters laid bare, while the textures are gritty, sweeping, and profound. These are tales of inherently good yet incomplete people whose faults are on the table in plain sight, a trait that endears the subjects to the listener and that the songwriters recognize in themselves.

The first single “The Wire” is about accepting your own faults and learning to say you’re sorry. It’s stylishly minimal verses and wall of sound chorus recall some raw, girl-group era drama as well as timeless rock and roll. As the gorgeous, dark lullaby of the title track brings the album to its end, the beautiful, cinematic journey of By Blood has left its mark.

And so, bound by blood, by sweat, and by love—of creativity, craft, and family—Shovels & Rope are coming out swinging. From the bind in their band name itself to the shared life they have built from scratch, it’s clear that Trent and Hearst are in constant pursuit of their best selves—together.


Frank Turner

“Pockmarked throughout the album’s political themes and societal observations are some of the most personal songs of his career. Previous records have dealt with turmoil but here he sends missives from the middle of a cherished relationship. The Southern rock-style twang of Going Nowhere started as a love song and grew into a reflection on the modern world, and the widescreen Americana of There She Is was written whilst Turner was holidaying with his girlfriend in Italy. “We’d been driving and listening to a bunch of Motown songs,” he says. “When I was younger I was impressed by complexity but I’ve realised that a simple song can be more powerful.” Gospel-tinged rocker Brave Face, meanwhile, was inspired by a tour with Jason Isbell and is about the idea that “if you’ve got someone to lean on back-to-back, you can project to the world.”